Similar to British English and American English, there are unique characteristics between Latin American Spanish and European Spanish. If you are an individual who is keen in learning Spanish, it is your responsibility, however, to select the most beneficial option out of two before start attending classes. This article is composed to help individuals select the best option.

Latin American Spanish: Spanish is recognized as the official language in more than 20 Central and South American Countries. Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, and Costa Rica, are some examples for Spanish speaking Latin American countries. In fact, these Latin American countries use the most predominant type of Spanish. When you carefully observe the Latin American Spanish, you can notice that it avoids using regional slang. In simplest terms, Latin American Spanish exists in its original form.

It can be easily understood that a language that hasn’t been affected by regional slang can easily be understood and learnt by foreign students. Since a large number of countries speak Latin American Spanish, an individual who is learning Spanish (Latin American) stands a good chance to expose herself/himself to a wider and rapidly expanding market. The Hispanic market is rapidly spreading across the world. So, in other words, learning Spanish (the Latin American version) opens up opportunities from a larger number of countries.

European Spanish: Although Spanish is not the official language in many European countries, European Spanish is spoken by a considerable number of people at least as their second language. European Spanish is the official language of Spain. This version of the Spanish language can be useful for you if you intend to use it exclusively in Spain. People in European countries like Andorra and Gibraltar use European Spanish; these countries have pretty smaller populations though.

Learning Spanish (the Latin American version) gives you access to a larger amount of opportunities; people from more than 20 countries speak this form of Spanish. In contrary, European Spanish is spoken by rather a smaller population. Basically, both of these versions (European and Latin American Spanish) are understood by every Spanish speaker, Latin American Spanish is hardly contaminated with regional jargon and it gives you access to a larger audience than European Spanish. In conclusion the best Spanish to learn is the one that will be the most beneficial for you in all aspects; business, education and or pleasure.

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