Our Spanish Instructors

One of our many added values is our Spanish language teachers. Our teaching staff is not composed of Engineers, Accountants, Archaeologists, IT staff, etc., making an attempt to teach Spanish. All of our teaching staff is composed of professional and externally certified Spanish language teachers.

Veronica Gomez

She obtained her Bachelors Degree from the University of Guadalajara in 1995. During this time she also began to develop her teaching skills. She begins her career at IMAC Spanish Language Programs in 2001 where she was first Student Services Coordinator for almost 2 years.

She has been teaching for 13 years. She became the Academic Coordinator for IMAC Spanish Language Program’s Spanish Department in 2007, where she has remained up untill now. She is certified by the Cervantes Institute as an official examiner for their DELE Certification Exams. She has taught the workshop “Applying multiple intelligences to the teaching of languages” on two occasions, as well as given several presentations for the formation of educators. She has also taken several courses on the history of Guadalajara. In 2010 she attended the AATSP (The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese) conference.

Ana Lia Gutierrez

She holds a BA in Spanish Literature from the University of Guadalajara. Throughout her academic formation she has been interested in the study of languages because of this she travelled to France and studied; French, translations and the teaching of languages. Throughout her career she has attended many conferences, linguistic workshops and literary creation. She also worked in the communication field first as a reporter and then as article editor for a local newspaper. She has a strong devotion to children literature and has participated in a virtual newspaper for children. Currently she is a devoted Spanish teacher for IMAC Spanish Language Programs.

Laura Briseño

She successfully completed her university studies of the Spanish language at the University of Guadalajara. She taught art, history and literature at university level. She also participated in many university composition workshops as well as in diverse literature workshops at the FIL, “International Book Fair of Guadalajara”. She currently works as a Spanish teacher for IMAC Spanish Language Programs.

Karina Becerra Arufe

She holds a Bachelors in Languages from the Instituto Angloamericano in Guadalajara, Jalisco (1997-2001). She also holds a Spanish as a Foreign Language diploma and has 3 years of teaching experience as a ELE private tutor. She has been an IMAC Spanish teacher since May 2010. Karina Becerra is also an Accredited DELE examiner by the Linguistics Certification Department of The Instituto Cervantes.

Hector Villanueva

He studied Narrative, Literary Analysis and Spanish Grammar in La Casa Museo Lopez Portillo (1996-1997). He was the editor in chief of the magazine “Vertientes” (1997-1998). He worked as a Spanish teacher for SECADE, a company dedicated to adult education (1998-2001). He has taught Spanish to foreigners at IMAC Spanish Language Programs since 2013.

Miriam Nuñez

She finished her Bachelors Degree in Letras Hispanicas (Spanish Language) from the University of Guadalajara (1998-2002). Before she began her higher education she obtained teaching experience when she taught in the Universidad Azteca, where she worked for 5 years (1996-2001).

She lent her services as producer for the radio station XEJB FM, belonging to the Radio and Television System of Jalisco, on the literary program “Letrario”. She taught Spanish in the Republica Mexicana School and in the UTEG. She also supported the “Logaritmo W. Institute” preparing students for the Spanish section of the University of Guadalajara admissions exams. Miriam Nuñez is also an Accredited DELE examiner by the Linguistics Certification Department of The Instituto Cervantes.

Brenda Veronica

She is a graduate of the University of Guadalajara with a Bachelors in Letras Hispanicas (Spanish Language) (2004-2009). Her professional career focuses on education and she began to develop her teaching skills as a Spanish teacher in 2009 when she had the opportunity to do her teaching practices working with foreigners. She has taught reading comprehension workshops for children and adolescents. Currently, she is dedicated to teaching Spanish at IMAC Spanish Language Programs where she has gained new techniques and knowledge in the effective instruction of the use of the language.

She has also been a part of various projects, that of which is worth mentioning her collaboration in the workshop “Gises y Lectura” of the Paseo de Chapultepec project (organized by the state of Jalisco); her participation in the “Congreso de Novela Negra” (or conference on the black novel); and her work as assistant for the events branch during the organizing of the International Book Fair in December of 2009, where she not only worked on logistics but also as editor of the project “El Placer de la Lectura” (the pleasure of reading) which entailed proofreading conferences, interviews, resumes, and book synopses.

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