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Spanish at IMAC: Our Language Institute

IMAC Spanish Language Programs is recognized throughout Latin America as one of the best Spanish language schools and an ideal place to study Spanish. With over 40 years of experience, we offer highly effective and engaging Spanish immersion programs. We are committed to providing you with not only world-class instruction but also a truly memorable experience. Don’t take our word for it, please see unbiased comments from former students at the most trusted authority in travel: Tripadvisor.


How To Study Spanish the Right Way

Learning a new language is a challenging but rewarding undertaking. One of the best ways to learn Spanish is to immerse yourself in the language. At IMAC, thousands of our students fly to our school in Guadalajara, Mexico, to get the full Spanish experience. Our pupils study Spanish in class in the morning then explore the city in the afternoon, practicing by applying their skills firsthand.

Language is more than just words and phrases; it is a way of communicating. For Spanish-speaking people, there is a cultural X factor that can’t be taught in class. Our school is located in the heart of the Historic Downtown area of Guadalajara, making it the perfect place to experience the Mexican culture.

A few examples of the many places of interest around the school include Cabañas institute (Patrimony of Humankind by U.N.E.S.C.O.), The Metropolitan Cathedral, City Hall featuring murals by Jose Clemente Orozco, and The Degollado Theater. There is no better place to study Spanish.


Study Spanish with Us: About IMAC

Our Spanish language programs are accredited by the Secretary of Education of Mexico and the Secretariat of Foreign Relations, a government body dedicated to promoting international goodwill through education. In addition to teaching Spanish, we currently teach over 2000 Mexican students learning English as a foreign language.


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Discover more about how to learn Spanish the right way at IMAC. Each of our programs offers a unique take on how to study Spanish. Then, spend some time learning about Guadalajara and everything our beautiful and historic city has to offer.