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The Most Accredited Spanish Language School in Mexico

IMAC Spanish Language Programs doesn’t need to brag about four decades of experience to get students into the program. We are the most accredited Spanish language school in Mexico. Our teachers are native speakers who are highly qualified. You don’t have to accept our word for it, though. We have the credentials to back up our claims of being one of the most successful spanish schools around the world. Our Spanish language school is accredited by internationally acclaimed organizations that give us more credibility by recognizing our work.

Instituto Cervantes

Accredited Center by Instituto Cervantes of Spain since 2009

The Secretary of Education of Mexico
Accredited since 1977

Accredited in eight German federal states

Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language Accredited testing center since 2009

National Language Level Certification by the government of Mexico. Only Accredited Spanish language school in Mexico

Member of the American Society of Travel Agents

Member of the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico

The Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers

International Student Identity Card Association

Partners in education, travel and work programs in Mexico

Excellence Award
Awarded to schools with the highest satisfaction ratings worldwide. Also awarded
in 2013, 2016 and 2017.

México Sí
Mexican Association of Spanish Schools