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Take a Day Trip to Explore Attractions & The Best Things to Do in Guadalajara

Dive into the culture, history and natural beauty of Guadalajara and the state of Jalisco. Complement your Spanish language immersion experience with unforgettable tours, trips and excursions where you can use your new skills while exploring Guadalajara’s attractions and the region’s most beautiful destinations. See where tequila is made, explore ancient pyramids, hike to mountain waterfalls, zip line through the forest, or take a day trip to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Enhance your Spanish learning experience while exploring the best things to do in Guadalajara, Mexico!


Guadalajara City Bus Tour
Ride through Guadalajara and see the city’s most traditionally, historically and culturally transcending landmarks. The tour bus is 2 floors and equipped with audio tracks in various languages for a fascinating sightseeing adventure.
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Lake Chapala and Ajijic
The largest freshwater lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala is a popular place for boating, fishing and bird watching. The town of Chapala boasts a beautiful church and pier, and nearby Chulavista is a beautiful American residential colony.
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You will be taken to the land of Tequila in a comfortable bus. Visit a hacienda and see the cultivation of the blue agave. After experiencing the Mexican ranch, you will visit the processing plant where the distilling process is explained
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Tequila Express
Take a trip to the town of Tequila, and enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks. Once the bus arrives, you will head directly to Casa Sauza where a tour guide shows you the premises and explains the rich history of Casa Sauza. …Read
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Guachimontones Pyramids
The “Guachimontones ” are located in Teuchitlan, located just one hour and 30 minutes from Guadalajara. Considered one of the most important archaeological zones of Mexico, the complex and pyramids were built around 200 B.C. and 400
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Discover the small town of Mazamitla in the mountains of the state of Jalisco. Its name comes from the Nahuatl and means “place where arrows to hunt deer are made. ” Take in beautiful mountain and forest scenery as you explore hiking
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Discover a picturesque place that invites meditation. Located in the southern region of Jalisco, along the Sierra Madre mountains, Tapalpa is a tranquil destination with a beautiful forest and the Big Stones, a scenic hiking spot with
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Puerto Vallarta
Sun-kissed Puerto Vallarta is a world-renowned beach resort in southern Mexico. With beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and endless outdoor adventures, the city is a popular vacation destination to travelers from around the world.
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