Spanish Courses + DELE Exams in Mexico

DELE Certification in Guadalajara, Mexico

IMAC Spanish language programs include a variety of programs to learn Spanish as a foreign language. The institute has held accreditation from The Secretary of Education of Mexico since 1976 and formally offers exams that prove fluency in Spanish. Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE) translates to Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language and is accepted in more than 100 countries worldwide as proof of ability in the Spanish language. Companies and universities alike will acknowledge a DELE certification, making it a valuable asset.

Our Certifications

The Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport grants this diploma through the Cervantes Institute. The Cervantes Institute has designated our Spanish School as an official exam center for DELE. This accreditation is key for students who wish to use their DELE for official purposes. The Secretary of Education in Mexico has also chosen IMAC as an official location for Spanish learning programs, acknowledging the high-quality nature of the education we provide.

After more than 40 years in operation, IMAC has built up a reputation as a rigorous academic institution that is forward-thinking and constantly evolving. Though the academics are designed to meet high standards, the Spanish courses also include entertaining activities to keep students engaged. An accomplished team of faculty guide learning and ensure that students are ready to pass the exam.

The 6 DELE Levels:

DELE includes six levels of qualifications, ranging from the beginner to the very advanced speaker who would be comfortable speaking Spanish in higher education and universities. IMAC offers Spanish courses tailored to help learners reach the various DELE levels. Each level requires tests in various areas of learning, such as reading comprehension, listening, writing and speaking. The six levels are explained below.

A1 – Basic Spanish
This level demonstrates an ability to communicate in and understand Spanish at a very basic level on common topics.

A2 – Waystage or Elementary Level
At this level, DELE holders are expected to have basic Spanish ability that allows them to use and understand common phrases. This includes sharing personal information, talking about family information, getting around locally and going shopping.

B1 – Beginner Level
This level requires four tests and shows that the holder is able to understand and communicate sufficiently to someone with a high school education. It shows an ability to hold more complex conversations. For work and professional purposes, this level shows that an individual is competent in simple, routine situations.

B2 – Intermediate Level
This DELE level certifies that an individual can speak with the same proficiency as someone without higher education. For work purposes, it demonstrates that the holder is able to operate professionally and individually, though occasional help from a fluent Spanish speaker may be necessary.

Level C1
Recipients of this DELE certificate should be confident readers, able to read long texts and speak fluently. They are expected to speak easily and smoothly without struggling, engaging in complex conversations. They should also be able to create coherent written arguments.

C2 – Superior Level
This level demonstrates that the recipient can function confidently and normally in any situation. The holder should speak, read and write on a level comparable with a person who has received higher education, such as a bachelor’s degree. For professional purposes, it shows that a person can make high-level decisions and use advanced vocabulary associated with various professions. A medical Spanish course is one example of the type of education associated with this level.


Registration and examination dates 2024:

Exam dates:

  • Saturday May 18th, 2024.
  • Friday July 12th, 2024.
  • Saturday November 23rd, 2024.

Registration closes:

  • Wednesday April 03rd, 2024.
  • Wednesday May 15th, 2024.
  • Wednesday October 09th, 2024.


  • A1: $110.00 USD
  • A2: $115.00 USD
  • B1: $135.00 USD
  • B2: $155.00 USD
  • C1: $170.00 USD
  • C2: $185.00 USD

Available Spanish Language Programs

At IMAC, we offer two types of Spanish Courses to help learners prepare for their DELE exams. The first is a four-week course of Spanish immersion school that begins one month before the date of the examination. These classes require a minimum of four participants and always start on a Monday. These classes go on for five hours a day Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The other type of program is a private Spanish course, held for just one student. This type of preparation course is ideal for people with busy schedules, since the time and day can be adjusted to suit you. In this program, you can take as little or as much time per day for learning as you’d like. The scheduling for a private course is entirely flexible, starting on any day.

Join one of our Spanish courses to get structured, reliable preparation for the DELE exam. Learn more about the cost of private lessons, or sign up for a group course today.