Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to browse through some of the comments of our former Spanish students. These are a few of the individual experiences and testimonials of some of the people who have studied Spanish here with us.

When do classes begin?
Group classes commence each Monday throughout the year while private classes can begin on any workday, with the notable exceptions of national holidays. Most of our students typically arrive the Saturday or Sunday before classes.
Is your school accredited?
We are the most Accredited Spanish Language School in Mexico! We count with over forty years of experience; we are the only language school in Mexico to hold accreditation for all of the following: - Instituto Cervantes/The Ministry for Education of Spain since June 2009 -The Secretary of Education of Mexico since 1977 -DELE testing Center since January 2009 -Bildungsurlaub accredited in eight German federal states -CENNI: National Language Level Certification by the government of Mexico, only school in Mexico to have received this coveted distinction. -Moreover, our organization has been granted status as a Socially Responsible Institution. To our knowledge, we are the only language school in Mexico to have received this coveted award.
How much are the prices at your school?
We do not charge an Enrollment fee. Please click here to view our tuition fees and here for accommodation details and prices. Do note the $155 USD tuition price per week is only valid when paid in advance, example: 5 weeks for $775.00 USD, 9 weeks for $1,395.00 USD.
What is the length of your courses?
Since courses are taught in one-week modules you may study from as little as one week to as long as desired. Most of our students stay for four weeks.
What types of accommodations do you offer?
We offer the following: Homestay program: $98.00 USD per week, per person. Inns/Posadas: from $91.00 USD a week. 4 star hotel: from $350.00 USD a week.
How do I pay for my course?
We accept payments via the following means: Credit cards: VISA, Marter Card and AMEX. PayPal. Bank transfers. Cash (USD's or Mexican pesos to the exchange rate of the day).
What is the maximum number of students in your classes?
Our average number of students per class is from 4 - 6, in high season it may increase up to 8 students, which is the maximum number.
Can I start with group courses and then change to private lessons?
Yes, it is possible to begin with group courses, and then switch to private lessons, or vice versa. We only require that you request any changes 1 day in advance.
Does IMAC award college credit?
Yes, our institution grants six credit hours for 120 hours of group contact classroom instruction or 80 hours of private instruction. This is the equivalent of one credit hour per 20 hours of group classes for our introductory course. The intermediate and advanced group classes are taught at an accelerated rate because of the immersion environment, and you receive six credits hours for 80 hours of group contact classroom instruction or 53 hours of private instruction. We would recommend that you verify with the Academic Counselor or Language Department of your home school that credits obtained here at IMAC Spanish Language Programs will be made valid. They will most probably ask for a copy of our course content structure, and proof of our credentials (we have been fully accredited by the Department of Education of Mexico since 1977), both of which we can provide upon request.
Do you have a schedule of excursions?
All the excursions are available on the weekends. On your first day of lessons you will be provided with a schedule.
What additional fees can I expect?
Other fees include: $33.00 USD to $35.00 USD charge for a book (good for four to six weeks; depending on level), US$30 for optional airport pickup service, and US$98 per week for optional homestay program arriving on a Sunday and departing on a Saturday after finishing lessons. Any extra nights before and after the Spanish program have a cost of $21.00 USD per night. We can assist in arranging excursions which are offered throughout the week. The prices range from US$26-$35.00
Do you offer airport pickup?
Yes, our taxi pick up service is available 24/7. The cost is US$30 and good upwards to three people going to the same address.
Where is your school located?
Our school is located directly in the Historic Downtown area in Guadalajara. We are within walking distance of many places of historical interest, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, City Hall, the Cabañas Cultural Institute, etc.
Will I have access to the Internet?
Yes, in addition to the classroom instruction, you have unlimited access to our Multimedia Lab (email, Internet, interactive Spanish programs), free of charge. Currently, we have over forty computers available during business hours that are fully equipped with enhanced Spanish language software, Internet capabilities. You will also have free WIFI at our school.
Do you offer programs for total beginners?
Yes. IMAC Spanish Language Programs welcomes beginners (A1) to enroll in our programs.
Will I receive a certificate upon completion of my program?
At the end of your program you receive a certificate, stating the number of hours you studied, your level, and the date of completion. This certificate is also signed by our Academic Coordinator and can be used in obtaining college credit for your course, if and when pre-approved by your home university.
When is the deadline for registration?
We request we receive your completed application and deposit fee at least a week before the first day of class. However, unlike other schools, we administer no late fees and NO Enrollment fee. The application can be submitted online through our web site using the secure form. You may also register over the phone via one of our Toll Free numbers or at +(52-33) 3614-1414.
What is the timetable of a typical day?
9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.: You are involved in direct Spanish language instruction with a native instructor. All areas of Spanish language fluency are developed. 11:00 a.m.-11:15 a.m.: Break, time for a snack 11:15 a.m.-1:00 p.m.: You resume lessons with your Spanish native instructor. 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.: You will participate in a language and cultural exchange group, which will allow you to practice your new language skills with native Spanish speaking students in a relaxed, informal setting, therefore adding an additional hour of instruction per day, thus making it 5 hours per day. This class is supervised by an instructor every afternoon. In addition to the classroom instruction, you have unlimited access to our Multimedia Lab (email, Internet, interactive Spanish programs,) free of charge. You are strongly encouraged to maximize your learning by attending our Multimedia Lab for as long as you wish during school hours. This brings your number of hours to 30 weekly (25 hours of teacher instruction and recommended minimum 5 hours of free lab time.)
Do you offer courses for certain professions?
Yes, our programs have been expanded to include courses for those that are interested in working on specific specialty areas of the Spanish language. A sampling of our Spanish specialty courses on an individual tutoring or private group instruction basis include areas of business and finance, education, household management, and healthcare, just to name a few. It is possible to customize your course to cover areas that you specifically need. Other specialty courses available to intermediate level students include, Advanced composition writing, Latin American literature, and Conversation, just to name a few.
How many course levels do you have?
We have 14 basic levels: 6 beginners, 4 intermediate and 4 advanced. All are available all year round.
How do I apply?
The first step for successfully enrolling into our courses is to apply online at: secure/secureform-step1.php
How do you determine my level of Spanish?
Class placement is determined by written and oral evaluations. Once we have received your application, we will send a written placement evaluation that is to be returned in the same manner before you arrive. The oral placement evaluation will be administered on the first day of class.
Can my wife (family, friend) and I stay with the same host family?
We can certainly place you and your wife or friend with a host family that will have sufficient room to comfortably accommodate two persons. The cost will be $98 USD per week/per person.
When will I get my host family's information?
We will send you all the information of your host family at least one week before arrival.
I want to speak Spanish fluently. How long will that take?
Before we can help you achieve the proficiency level to which you aspire, we first determine your current level in the language through written and oral evaluations. In the type of immersion environment that we provide, reaching proficiency level is very fast. To give you an idea, it has been our experience that within about two months you will be able to understand and be understood. Your ability in the Spanish language after, approximately, an eight-week program will be greatly significant. Specifically, we approximate eight to ten weeks to reach the intermediate-advanced level. Keep in mind, however, that progress depends also on your own effort and desire.
What qualifications do the teachers have?
All are experienced teachers with a University degree and diplomas in foreign language teaching. Plus we have an ongoing training program to update our faculty with the latest linguistic methodology and technology.
When is payment of fees due?
We request we receive your deposit fee at least a week before the first day of class. The remaining fees (tuition, books, airport pickup, etc.) are payable upon arrival.
Are there ATM’s close to the school?
Yes, in fact on your first day of lessons we will provide you with a map of downtown Guadalajara with the locations of the closest ATM's to our school.
What is the weather like in Guadalajara?
Known as the "City of Roses,” Guadalajara has one of the most pleasant climates in the world. The average year-round temperature of 80° F explains why the city is known for its eternal springtime
Is there a gym near the school?
Yes. There is a gym just a short 10 minute bus trip away from the school. The gym is very well equipped and offers excellent service.
Do you offer Salsa classes?
Among our list of afternoon activities are free salsa lessons. You can practice the Spanish language and join in the fun every Friday at 6:15 pm and Saturdays at 2 pm. Since all skill levels run in parallel during the class, you do not have to attend consecutive lessons. If you are interested in private lessons we have made an arrangement with a local dance school. NOTE: All classes are taught by non-English speaking Spanish native speakers and you will have the opportunity to interact and practice your Spanish.
Can I take cultural and history classes?
You will certainly be able to take cultural and history classes by taking advantage of our cultural and exchange group. By attending this activity you will have the opportunity to learn about our culture and history from our English studying students, it will also allow you to practice your new language skills with native Spanish speaking students in a relaxed, informal setting. This activity is supervised by an instructor every afternoon, and is free of charge.
Can I get health insurance?
Most insurance providers in your country offer international coverage plans. We suggest calling your local insurance agent. Please compare several companies’ fees before committing to one. An online search will review a great number of carriers.
What if I already have accommodations?
If you have arranged your own accommodations, we can still arrange your airport pickup to your accommodation.
What about water, can I drink it?
You should drink bottled water (Easily available throughout Guadalajara) or boil your water for approximately 30-40 minutes. After brushing your teeth, rinse with bottled water, and don’t open your mouth when taking a shower. You should also be careful of handling money and then handling your food. Like anywhere, the money is very dirty so always wash your hands before touching your food.
Do I need an electricity converter?
(American) No, in fact the outlets in Mexico are the same as in the U.S. But, keep in mind that you might not find very many three-prong outlets here in Mexico. So, for this reason an extension cord may be helpful, but it’s certainly not necessary. (UK and Europe) Yes, you will need one. Mexico has two prong outlets, and sometimes three-prong outlets, that are different than what you have in the UK and Europe.
Do I need a vaccine to travel to Mexico?
No, you don’t. But I recommend that you check on the Mexican Embassy’s website for your country for recommendations. Traveling to large, major cities in Mexico isn’t a problem. Traveling to Guadalajara will certainly not require a vaccine. There may be some need to get vaccines if traveling to tropical areas, or areas where outbreaks have occurred before; these are usually places that are distant from civilization, not frequented by travelers. So, you shouldn’t have a problem or need a vaccine.
Can I rent an apartment?
Yes. You may need a co-signer in order to rent a house or an apartment. Normally, our students don’t have any problems finding a place to live and can easily rent an apartment. We will give you advice on how to find and rent an apartment.
Do you offer an all inclusive package?
Yes we do. Please click here for complete details.
What is your refund policy?
No refunds are made of any portion of classes or homestay once the program has begun. If I cancel with more than 2 weeks notice I will receive a refund (excluding registration fee). If I cancel the program due to a personal emergency and notify IMAC S.L.P, in writing, IMAC S.L.P, will review my claim and may issue a partial refund.
How many students do you have per year?
Every year we welcome approximately 500 students. Their age varies from 16 to 70+ years old. We have welcomed students from: The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Australia, France, Austria, Russia Italy, among other countries.
Do I need a Visa, Passport or health certificate to travel to Mexico?
Since requirements do vary from nationality to nationality, the best thing will be to contact your nearest Mexican consulate and inquire with them.
Do you offer any insurance?
Once you have registered you will receive our confirmation email along with two recommendations for insurance, just in case you do not have any.
Is there any age limit for your programs?
Yes, students under the age of 17 must come accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

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