If you need to learn Spanish quickly, there are some ways to increase your learning power. You should be listening to it and speaking it every chance you have. The internet provides many more opportunities to find the resources to help you. Here are 10 tips to get more Spanish into your life to grow your skill.

1. You should practice every day. There are many apps and games that you can download to learn basic phrases and words to improve your vocabulary.
2. Listen to Spanish music. You will begin to sing along with the words. Look up the translations online so you understand the song. Many websites offer translation for Spanish lyrics into other languages.
3. Learn practical phrases that help you in everyday life. Find a program that will teach you how to integrate the language into your life. All the conjugated verbs in the world won’t help you unless you can pair those verbs with other words.
4. Watch television and movies with Spanish subtitles. Find the movies you are familiar with in Spanish voice-over. You know what’s happening in the movie so you can listen to what they are saying.
5. Read in Spanish. Some webpages offer a translation with just a click of your mouse. Spanish ebooks are available through many websites. Get children’s books or basic readers. If you are familiar with the Bible, try reading your favorite passage in a Spanish translation.
6. Listen to Spanish news and radio in the car. They do talk fast, but you should begin to pick out words here and there.
7. Flashcards can be a help in learning words without the backup of a translation. Go through them quickly and out of order.
8. Find a Spanish friend who will practice with you. Even a friend who is learning at the same time as you will give you practice.
9. Join a learning community to practice your Spanish. With online video chats, you can find many people who want to help others learn. You can return the favor by helping them learn your language.
10. Complete immersion is by far the most effective way to learn Spanish. Being thrown into a community where you have to learn to communicate is an excellent method. The more you hear Spanish and speak it yourself, the faster you will pick it up.

Spanish is an amazing language. The culture and heritage in countries that speak Spanish are beautiful and rich. Take a vacation into Mexico to experience an immersion that will have you speaking with confidence in just a few short days. Give yourself permission to make a mistake while you’re learning. Enjoy the lessons and you’ll be speaking like a native in no time.

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