Spanish, the Opportunity to get a Better Job and Travel Abroad

When asked why they want to learn a foreign language, a lot of people answer that want to do it because they want to travel the world or to get a better job. And indeed, if you learn a foreign language (and if you learn Spanish, in particular) you can greatly increase both your career opportunities and opportunities for travel.

Spanish is an official language in over 20 countries of the world and over 400 million people speak it as a native language. If you learn Spanish, you will be able to enjoy more fully trips to such amazing travel destinations as Spain, Mexico, Argentina or Peru.

English is quite widely spoken in these countries as well, especially in the more touristy places. However, if you want to explore the less travelled areas, cozy rural corners and remote sites, knowledge of Spanish will be beneficial for your trip. It will also help you to really feel the atmosphere and culture and make some friends among local people.

If you choose to learn Spanish it will also be beneficial for your career. Spain and Latin America are not only great countries for tourists to visit. They are also booming economies with attractive markets. A lot of companies are looking to expand their business there or work with Spanish and Latin American companies. Learn Spanish, and you will open a great deal of new career opportunities for yourself, especially if you are open to business trips or even relocation.

There is also another career path possible that is more related to working with the language itself: teaching, translating, interpreting. Spanish is in great demand nowadays, and if you train to be a Spanish teacher or a translator to and from Spanish, you are unlikely to ever be out of work. However, to be able to teach or translate you need to learn Spanish really well. While an intermediate level may be enough for travelling, a teacher of Spanish needs to have advanced command of the language.

This kind of job can also be combined with travelling. Good Spanish teachers are wanted all over the world, good interpreters as well, and as a translator you can live anywhere and work remotely or freelance. Doesn’t it sound great?

To sum it up, if you learn Spanish, if will be a great boost for your career and an open door into the amazing culture of Spanish-speaking countries. However, keep in mind that learning a language well takes some time. You will invest your time most wisely if you choose to learn Spanish in a reputed, accredited language school. This will the most efficient way to learn, a great investment into your future.