Learn Spanish


Nowadays learning a foreign language is easier than ever. You can learn Spanish online, go to a local language school or even travel to attend Spanish courses in Mexico. The way you choose may depend on your language level, the time and money available, or even on the particular skill you want to improve.

Some skills can be trickier than others. For instance, correct pronunciation is very hard to practice on your own. If you are watching a video-lesson, you can try to imitate the speakers, but there is no one to tell you if you are doing it right. Thus, pronunciation is better practiced with a teacher, preferably an accredited teacher from a reputable language school.

Let us look in more detail at some of the best ways to practice and improve pronunciation.

Learn Phonetics

Simply put, phonetics is the science of sounds. Learning phonetics will help you understand the peculiarities of Spanish sounds and how they differ from the sounds of your native language. It may help you prevent some mistakes before you even start speaking.

Listen and Repeat

In order to speak well you should also listen a lot. Watching videos or listening to podcasts in Spanish will help you get acquainted with and get used to Spanish sounds and correct pronunciation. Nonetheless, just listening is not enough. It may seem like a primitive idea, but if you want to learn to speak, you have to speak. Even just trying to pronounce the words is better than listening alone.

However, you will benefit greatly if there is a highly qualified teacher to check and correct your pronunciation, as well as provide you with the best materials to study. For instance, if you take Spanish courses in Mexico at an accredited language school, you can rest assured that you will have the most efficient pronunciation practice.

Useful tip: If you do practice pronunciation on your own, record your voice. Listening to the recording can help you analyze your speech and notice the mistakes you make.

Learn Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters can be a fun way to practice pronunciation. They may be difficult to say at first but they help you warm up your tongue and adapt it to Spanish sounds. Tongue twisters can be easily found online and do not require too much time to master.

Attend a Language School

As has been above, practicing your pronunciation with a teacher is the fastest and most effective way to success. A highly qualified teacher will help you prevent and avoid mistakes, correct the ones you make and provide you with the best possible speaking and listening practice.

Whether you study with a private tutor, at a local school or decide to attend Spanish courses in Mexico, consider choosing an accredited teacher or school. Accreditation means that the school or teacher has been evaluated by a board of experts and maintains the highest standards of education. It provides for the most efficient learning process and may prove to be one of the best investments of your time and money.

Practice Regularly and Be Patient

No matter how you choose to learn Spanish or which techniques you use, regular practice is essential. Good Spanish pronunciation cannot be achieved over night. But do not let it discourage you! Practice makes perfect, and the more you practice the better you become.