The thought of learning an entire new language like Spanish, for example, will have many of us thinking, “This is just going to take me far too long”, “I’m too old to learn a new language and besides, you can’t teach this dog new tricks.”

In reality, it won’t take you very long at all. When you were at school and learned French, German, Spanish or whichever language happened to be on the curriculum, you might remember several years trying to learn the language and still could not converse or write it when school finally finished.

But you should also note that back in the days of your schooling you were also being taught English, History, Maths, Science, Geography and Literature as well. And furthermore, that Spanish lesson was probably just one two-hour session per week with hardly anybody speaking the language outside of class.

Naturally, back in the days of school it would have taken a lot longer. But when you are finished with your studies and ready to try and learn Spanish, you will find all your focus on the lessons is there, an older more mature you, will be more willing to learn and you’ll be shocked when fellow Spanish students of a similar age to yourself say they have picked up conversational Spanish inside four months; then the answer to your burning question, “How long does it take to learn Spanish?” becomes a shock revelation

Yes, just four months is all it takes to be able to say “Hola” and little more to actually ordering a meal and a drink in a restaurant and asking someone in the street directions to the nearest swimming pool?

It really does not take that long and within one week the answer to your question about how long does it take to learn Spanish, suddenly becomes an entirely different answer to the one you thought it was before you had even begun.

So, how long does it take to learn Spanish? It will NOT take years and you should NOT have to strive to become a literary expert in Spanish. Just getting through a conversation in Spanish is often all you need and the instruction you receive in Spanish can be in the sense of business, leisure or just enough to get you through to order a room for the night and negotiate payment at a local hotel – without hoping the hotel’s clerk naturally has to know English.

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