How Important is Knowing a Foreign Language?

How Important is Knowing a Foreign Language?

Some people still think that knowing one language is quite enough. Some of them speak a global language like English and see no point in learning any other language. Others are patriotic and very protective of their mother tongue.

However, nowadays learning a second language may not just be beneficial, it may sometimes be downright necessary, especially when it comes to such a wide-spread and influential language as the Spanish language.

Let us take a look at some of the things that make learning a second language essential in the modern world.

It opens up the world for you

Learning a foreign language literally makes your world bigger and in more than just one way.

In a very general sense, it expands your access to information: for instance, the Spanish language is the third most used language on the Internet, and by learning it you get access to a lot of new educational and entertaining content. But it is not only about having fun and surfing the web. Mastering a second language will also allow you to get an education abroad in some of the best schools and universities the world has to offer.

Learning a foreign language expands your career opportunities. Nowadays many companies look for bilingual employees, and if you want to work in an international corporation, learning a second language is often a must. The Spanish language is a good choice in this respect as it is the official language of 21 countries, many with influential and rapidly growing economies.

If you know a second language you will also have better travel experiences. You will be able to chat with the locals, make friends, immerse yourself in the culture, get off the beaten tourist path and truly explore. Learn the Spanish language, and you can explore the vast, exciting, and culturally rich Latin America,

It makes you smarter

You have probably heard that learning a foreign language is good for your brain – it is true. Multiple studies confirm that learning a second language improves our memory and cognitive abilities and allows the brain to stay ‘young and fit’ much longer as we age.

Another language also allows you to see the world from a new perspective. By learning the Spanish language you won’t only be able to read in Spanish and talk to Spanish-speaking people – you will get an insight into a different way of thinking, which will facilitate your self-development and make you more open-minded.