One among the several questions I have heard people asked is “am I too old to learn Spanish?” Also, there is a popular idea that after a certain age, people are too old to learn Spanish, or anything else for that matter. And it is never true that you can only learn a language when you are a child or teenager. Although learning Spanish is often easier for young people, this is due to the fact that they are more confident and are naturally curious and will throw themselves into new activities without being excessively logical or worrying if they make mistakes.

A problem for older learners may be because they fail to do well in languages at school, they assume that they will be no good at learning Spanish. The first point to consider is that people vary a lot in their abilities to learn at any age. But this is often the result of the way in which they were taught. It is important to note that people learn in different ways, and being taught in a way that did not work well for you, may be the reason why you did not learn Spanish much!

Another crucial factor is your own emotional issue and attitude towards age and what you expect to happen as you get older.

Generally, adult learners have a well-developed brain in putting together all the pieces with a more developed long-term memory, and they regularly make better advancement than younger individuals because they are more strongly motivated. Your desire to learn Spanish is not because you are being forced to do so, but because you have made a choice, which could be to make travelling more enjoyable or to enhance your work prospects.

As an adult, you have also developed several skills all through your life which will enable you to learn. Even if you have not been involved in formal study, you have been learning all your life.

The truth remains, you are never too old to learn Spanish. All you need do is to find the way that works best for you. Therefore try learning Spanish abroad or find native speakers with whom you can enjoy Spanish conversation.

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