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In addition to the volunteer activities, free local events, and additional arrangements available in town, our program also offers a variety of field trip excursions to local sightseeing destinations. These trips are typically full-day events, so keep that in mind when planning them. Our staff is happy to help you with scheduling and to answer questions, and many of these trips can also be booked yourself at the correct local office or tour site.
Guadalajara City Bus Tour
If you’re interested in a more detailed guide to the city than our orientation program and resources offer, the local city tour includes a variety of historic and cultural destinations that tell the story of the city’s past, present, and future.
Lake Chapala and Ajijic
On top of all the things to do in Guadalajara, there are also shopping and tourism destinations nearby in both the villages of the Lake Chapala region. The town of Chapala itself includes an old American residential colony that may be of interest to students from the U.S.
You will be taken to the land of Tequila in a comfortable bus. Visit a hacienda and see the cultivation of the blue agave. After experiencing the Mexican ranch, you will visit the processing plant where the distilling process is explained
and the aging warehouses.
Tequila Express