Learning vacations are fast becoming the desired way to spend holiday time while learning a language within the same adventure. There are thousands of people every year traveling to countries like Mexico and taking affordable holidays while learning Spanish at the same time.

Here’s roughly how learning vacations work: you could take a coach trip into Mexico and stay with a host family who will often speak to you as much as possible in the Spanish tongue. You will receive three complete meals a day besides having your own private room with Wi-Fi.

The two-week language learning vacations will set you back under $600 and are a go-to solution for taking that well-earned break or rest you have so richly deserved, while merging the holiday with a period where you will immerse yourself in a local Spanish language school during the morning, then after classes in the company of Spanish-speaking people, in nearby towns or cities, seeing Hispanic monuments and local history.

You will be so wrapped up in the language at school and home that your learning skills will be hard wired as you try to understand all the words that are being thrown at you. It is perfect language learning vacation for those wanting to learn Spanish as a tool to use in business or commerce, while taking a well-earned break from the office and seeing some of the beautiful sights Latin America has to offer.

Some of the sightseeing tours are guided with intercom earpieces that will let you select the language of your choice. We recommend you listen to this once in English and then again in Spanish. Perhaps, you could do the Spanish one first and see how much of it you understand, before checking your language skills by listening to the English version afterwards

Priced at just under $600 USD, you could have a two-week language learning vacation which comes complete with a Spanish language course at a local school and a private room at the homestay, a family who will talk to you throughout, plenty of fantastic sights and things to do and, of course, a world where everyone speaks Spanish and every shop sign, road sign and place of interest is worded in the language you are learning. But don’t forget: that a bargain price learning vacation fee includes three meals a day throughout your two-week language learning vacation.

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