Learning a language can be a long and diligent process, which seemingly takes up too much of our time. Some may have booked a holiday in the coming summer months to a country where a new language is spoken and one that we might wish to learn, albeit very quickly. So, what can we do to learn a language quickly and speed up the process?
If you are interested in exploring some of the best techniques in faster language learning or are curious to find out what works best when it comes to individual style, then you might wish to try some of these methods:
Talk to someone who can speak the language you strive to learn – in this case, talking to someone, whether online or face-to-face can be hugely beneficial. The world of technology has allowed us to talk to complete strangers via a VoIP service at very little cost; so you won’t have to fly to Mexico to learn Spanish or Berlin to learn German.
Watch foreign dramas. Again with technology allowing us to watch a number of so-called “world dramas” we can enjoy a thriller, love story or suspense play that displays English subtitles. Pick one that is broadcast in the language you want to learn, grab a cup of coffee and start learning. Make sure the volume is turned up and you listen to the actors and how they say their lines.
Sing Along to your Favorite Songs – Many people, who love a good melody, can recite the lyrics to well-known classics like “Michelle” by The Beatles. Half of the words are in French but most who sing along don’t actually know that Paul McCartney is singing, “these are words that go together well”, which would take you seconds to discover via an online translation service. Punch into your search “classic songs sung in your desired learning language and watch the rest of your household block their ears while you sing out loud.
Memorize the most commonly used words in the language you want to learn. It is not difficult to find out the “100 most used words in Spanish” and get learning what el, la, de and que all mean.
The most important part of any language learning is to have fun. If the learning process becomes tedious or boring, then take a break. A bored mind does not absorb information anywhere near as much as an interested brain.
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