There are thousands of Spanish language schools with unaccredited Spanish language teachers. These language schools commonly lure their students into buying their under structured low cost Spanish courses promising great results with the students’ minimal effort. Ask yourself, what can I really learn from a language school whose teaching staff is composed of: Engineers, Accountants, Archaeologist, Biologists, Psychologists, IT staff, etc., making an attempt to teach Spanish.

In Mexico professional Spanish language teachers are not only accredited by the Secretary of Education of Mexico. They are also DELE accredited Spanish language examiners by the Spanish ministry of Education of Spain through the Instituto Cervantes. The Instituto Cervantes, a government agency, was modelled on the British Council and the German Goethe Institute, and is the largest organization in the world responsible for promoting the study and the teaching of the Spanish language and culture.

When looking for a school to learn Spanish, consider this fact from their teaching staff, it is very important to distinguish between unaccredited and professionally accredited Spanish language teachers. All of the teachers at an accredited Spanish language school are university trained professionals in the teaching of the Spanish language as a foreign language.

Only by obtaining accredited certification are teachers able to show this language teaching mastery, reflecting years of dedication and hard work to linguistics and language acquisition.

Reputable externally accreditation is a guarantee that teachers have the needed educational tools necessary to effectively teach the Spanish language to their students.

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