Private Spanish Tutoring for All Ages and Professions

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Private Spanish Tutoring for All Ages and Professions

Course Description

If you want to study Spanish, look no further than our programs to learn Spanish. We provide structured private lessons that will help you develop a better understanding and appreciation for Spanish while enhancing your fluency. Whether you are a beginner, looking to brush up on rusty language skills or need to learn the language for a profession, we have Spanish courses for everyone. Course time can be as little as one hour to as long as you like. Learn at your own pace.

Program benefits include:

  • Multiple fluency levels
  • Spanish classes can be taken alone or with group classes
  • Start and learn any time of day or night
  • Spanish learning programs for individuals as young as six years old

Prices in U. S. Dollars. NO Registration Fee
$23.00 USD per hour.

Course Levels

The first level of Spanish in our program is beginner. Your instructor will work with you to introduce to you the language. Our courses emphasize the four skills approach — speaking, reading, writing and listening. Students learn basic vocabulary and work on building practical skills for real-life situations.

Students work with their instructors to learn beginning verbs and how to conjugate them in Spanish. They are introduced to grammar in Spanish. Instructors also work with students to develop Spanish conversational skills. They create real-life scenarios for students to participate in and use Spanish to communicate. This functional approach focuses on everyday topics that pop up in the world and require students to use developing conversational skills.


Spanish instruction continues at the next level, intermediate. This course builds upon skills learned at the beginning level and introduces more difficult concepts and topics in Spanish language learning. This course reviews topics mastered in the beginning course and reinforces essential Spanish vocabulary. It also gives an overview of the geography of countries in the Spanish-speaking world and elements of culture.

Students practice using words in context with authentic situations. Grammar instruction goes beyond the basics, with more emphasis on structure, syntax and morphology. Your instructor will present more opportunities for communication, with roleplay, debate and other real-life situations. Students get more exposure to listening and comprehending Spanish from native speakers. They read examples of Spanish text and respond in writing with opinion pieces, reactions and analysis write-ups using composition strategies from class.


The final course in our sequence of Spanish programs is the advanced class. Advanced Spanish takes language learning to new levels. This course focuses on building translation skills, high-level Spanish vocabulary, literary analysis, Spanish language text interpretation, composition and reading comprehension.

Students review topics covered in the beginning and intermediate classes and then tackle more challenging concepts in the Spanish language. Instructors incorporate a variety of activities to build on the knowledge of Hispanic culture and heritage. This class introduces more complicated grammar topics and gives students more practice with other real-world situations in Spanish. Students get an opportunity to study modern Spanish authors and have intense discussions in Spanish about the text. Activities in this course aim to help students build fluency and feel more natural speaking and listening in Spanish.