Group Program

Course Description
At IMAC Spanish Language Program, we offer immersion language learning in small group classes. Students interested in a comprehensive learning experience can find it at our Spanish immersion school in Guadalajara, Mexico. Our university accredited instructors work with students to increase fluency and understand the local culture. Here is information about our group programs to learn Spanish.

Details About Our Courses
Our educational philosophy for language learning emphasizes the importance of small group instruction for all of our courses. The courses focus on practical Spanish, such as skills needed for a medical Spanish course or business. Our Spanish courses keep the number of students small, up to 10 students, so we create the ideal learning environment for reading, speaking, listening, writing and comprehending Spanish. Here are the highlights of our Spanish learning programs:

• Courses divided into three levels of Spanish – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
• Classes run for one week at a time. Students can opt to sign up for multiple weeks of courses.
• Spanish programs begin each Monday, except for national holidays such as Easter or Christmas.
• Students receive at least 25 hours of Spanish language instruction per week of classes.
• Class size is from 2 to 10 students.
• The minimum age to enroll is 16.
• Courses are led by professional instructors who are native speakers.
• Students get unlimited access to our program’s engaging multimedia lab for email, internet and interactive media programs in Spanish.
• Discounts on tuition and fees if signing up for more than one week.

Certain schools boast that they do not charge for learning material (books). However, what some of them do is photocopy the book(s), which cheats the author, as well as being copyright infringement. This is illegal and against the publisher’s policies. Sign up at IMAC. Get the best instruction.

Course Levels
Our Spanish language immersion offers levels which fall into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


The first level of Spanish in our program is beginner. Your instructor will work with you to introduce to you the language. Our courses emphasize the four skills approach — speaking, reading, writing and listening. Students learn basic vocabulary and work on building practical skills for real-life situations.

Students work with their instructors to learn beginning verbs and how to conjugate them in Spanish. They are introduced to grammar in Spanish. Instructors also work with students to develop Spanish conversational skills. They create real-life scenarios for students to participate in and use Spanish to communicate. This functional approach focuses on everyday topics that pop up in the world and require students to use developing conversational skills.


Spanish instruction continues at the next level, intermediate. This course builds upon skills learned at the beginning level and introduces more difficult concepts and topics in Spanish language learning. This course reviews topics mastered in the beginning course and reinforces essential Spanish vocabulary. It also gives an overview of the geography of countries in the Spanish-speaking world and elements of culture.

Students practice using words in context with authentic situations. Grammar instruction goes beyond the basics, with more emphasis on structure, syntax and morphology. Your instructor will present more opportunities for communication, with roleplay, debate and other real-life situations. Students get more exposure to listening and comprehending Spanish from native speakers. They read examples of Spanish text and respond in writing with opinion pieces, reactions and analysis write-ups using composition strategies from class.


The final course in our sequence of Spanish programs is the advanced class. Advanced Spanish takes language learning to new levels. This course focuses on building translation skills, high-level Spanish vocabulary, literary analysis, Spanish language text interpretation, composition and reading comprehension.

Students review topics covered in the beginning and intermediate classes and then tackle more challenging concepts in the Spanish language. Instructors incorporate a variety of activities to build on the knowledge of Hispanic culture and heritage. This class introduces more complicated grammar topics and gives students more practice with other real-world situations in Spanish. Students get an opportunity to study modern Spanish authors and have intense discussions in Spanish about the text. Activities in this course aim to help students build fluency and feel more natural speaking and listening in Spanish.

Daily Schedule for All Group Classes
When you sign up for our courses, you’ll get a full experience of formal and informal learning in Spanish. Each week, courses start on Monday and run until Friday. Courses can be repeated for multiple weeks. Each Friday, students must take a written summative exam to asses their learning in the program. Here is how our typical daily schedule runs for courses of all levels:

• 9:00-11:00 a.m. – The instructor leads the group class through intense Spanish instruction with a focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students use a variety of techniques to develop fluency and comfort with conversational Spanish.
• 11:00-11:15 a.m. – The class breaks for 15 minutes.
• 11:15 a.m.-1:00 p.m. – Formal classroom instruction continues with more learning activities in Spanish.
• 1:00-2:00 p.m. – Students get opportunities for informal learning during the last hour of instruction. They can choose either a language and cultural exchange group led by an instructor to build conversational skills with native Mexican students or they can spend time on independent Spanish language learning in our multimedia lab.

If you’re looking for a Spanish immersion school that achieves results and gets you closer to fluency, IMAC Spanish Language Program is the right choice for you. Take your Spanish learning to the next level by enrolling in our small group language classes. Instead of being in a typical classroom in your country, you’ll be right in the middle of a rich cultural experience in the historic city of Guadalajara, Mexico. You’ll also be mastering the language with our skilled instructors and effective learning activities that can help you become more fluent and comfortable with the language.