Investing in a study holiday combines a learning process with fun. A win-win situation, especially for those who want to start learning Spanish. As you embark on a holiday, there are some things you should expect: you are highly likely to make a language gaffe or two.

Learning Spanish is not a straightforward exercise of remembering words and its meanings. It is the culture and the context in which the language is portrayed that really counts.

Easily the best way to learn Spanish while on holiday is to take a Spanish language class. Some travelers and expats take it for granted that, if they live abroad long enough, they will eventually learn to speak fluent Spanish. “Why would I bother investing in taking a class?” they think. “The whole reason I traveled abroad was so I would not have to do homework and boring grammar exercises!”

Unfortunately, trying to learn Spanish purely through absorption often is not enough, especially for beginners. English is now a global language. Anywhere you go, you will find English learners eager to practice with you! In order to immerse yourself in Spanish, you will have to first jump over the hurdle of being able to communicate with others in Spanish better than they can communicate with you in English. Otherwise, you will likely end up speaking a lot more English than you would like. Taking a language class is a great way to get to that point faster.

Additionally, taking a Spanish class will help you nail down grammar and pronunciation specifics that you might never pick up from conversation alone. And if you find grammar drills incredibly boring or unnecessary, just think how exciting it will be to directly apply the concepts you learn in class to the world around you!

Learning Spanish while on holiday is an incredible opportunity for language learning, professional and personal growth. But, as with any language learning plan, you won’t see any results without a strong personal effort.

Get out there, travel and get speaking, reading and listening. After a few days abroad, you will be surprised at how fast your Spanish abilities will improve far quicker than you will have ever imagined.

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