Study and Volunteer

A volunteer is someone who takes initiative, gets involved and makes a lasting contribution. The prospect of becoming one is a chance to enhance ones owns experience in life, and also a chance to enhance the lives of so many who need the support. To be involved in administering care is indeed a rare and privileged position.

Hours per week: 20-25

Minimum Age: 18+

Required Spanish Level: Intermediate

Class size: 1 to 10 students

Volunteer placement fee: $100.00 USD. Priced at other schools: $500.00 USD.

Course length: Spanish course: 1 week minimum. Volunteer program: 4 week minimum commitment.


9:00 AM to 11:00 AM You are involved in direct Spanish language instruction with a professional native instructor. All areas of Spanish language fluency are developed.

11:00 AM TO 11:15 AM You go to break.

11:15 AM to 1:00 PM Intensive Spanish classes with your instructor resume.

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM You will have the opportunity to participate in a language and cultural exchange group, which will allow you to practice your new language skills with native Spanish speaking students in a relaxed, informal setting, therefore adding an additional hour of instruction per day, thus making it 5 hours per day. This class is supervised by an instructor every afternoon.

In addition to the classroom instruction, you have unlimited access to our Multimedia Lab (email, Internet, interactive Spanish programs,) free of charge. You are strongly encouraged to maximize your learning by attending our Multimedia Lab for as long as you wish during school hours. This brings your number of hours to 30 weekly (25 hours of teacher instruction and recommended minimum 5 hours of free lab time.)

Afternoon: Volunteer work, time will depend on the institution/organization.

Start dates: Any Monday.

For a list of available Volunteer Programs click here.

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