Spanish for University and College Groups

We will be glad to arrange special Spanish immersion programs for a Private tutoring and to meet University, College or group needs at any time. We have found that many Institutions prefer their own Spanish program to be used by our teaching staff during their stay in Mexico. If such is the case, it may easily be arranged, or our own method which has proven most successful may be used.

We invite individuals, institutions or groups interested in establishing a study abroad program in Mexico to contact us. For those planning a study immersion program in Mexico and facing the problem of classroom space and living accommodations we have classrooms available at most reasonable fees and offer to place students with families willing to host foreign students. Compare IMAC Spanish Language Programs and other Spanish schools.

The following colleges/universities have recently approved credit for their students who attended IMAC Spanish Language Programs in Guadalajara, Mexico:

  • Troy University
  • West Virginia University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Arizona State University

  • Evansville University
  • Castleton University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology

Course Certificates

  • The number of contact hours that composed your course
  • The level of Spanish you acquired
  • Our international accreditations

  • The duration of the program
  • The date your program culminated
  • The academic coordinator’s signature

If you take one of our specialty courses, the certificate will specify, aside from the aforementioned details, the name of the course you have taken and the particular professional field you have focused your Spanish development on.

Look no further, our Spanish school offers you all that you need to learn the language and more, don’t wait any longer, register now!

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Courses offered to groups or on a private tutoring basis

Getting Along in Spanish
A communicative course designed to serve those students who seek to develop basic conversational skills in Spanish. It presents everyday situations that students may encounter when traveling or living in Spanish-speaking countries and when dealing with Spanish-speaking people.

We introduce essential vocabulary and provide students with opportunities to apply it, in a wide variety of practical contexts.

All Basic to Intermediate Points of Spanish Grammar
This program presents points of Spanish grammar to students or professionals seeking a working knowledge of Spanish. Grammatical structures and high-frequency vocabulary that are indispensable for communication are presented clearly and concisely and reinforced through a variety of practice exercises.

Communicative Based Grammar
Review for Intermediate Through Advanced Students In this course we aim to provide a systematic presentation of grammar points together with sufficient back-up practice to ensure that the points are adequately reinforced.

Comprehensive Grammar Review
This course has been designed to provide intermediate through advanced learners of Spanish with a powerful tool for review and progress in Spanish. We introduce clear, concise, and well-organized grammar explanations with examples that reflect everyday usage, most often in the format of conversational exchanges. These presentations of structure are easy to understand and the examples encourage readers to see the study of grammar as a stepping stone to communication.

This course has been designed primarily for advanced composition or composition/conversation learners, it offers an innovative process-based approach to develop students' writing skills in Spanish. The goal is that of fostering students' critical reflection and self-correction, thus increasing their independence in the craft of writing. Students will increase their proficiency through constant guided practice at progressively more complex tasks.

This conversation course offers an array of lively, communicative pair and small-group activities specifically designed to develop speaking and listening skills and to facilitate student interaction. The program easily motivates students to use language creatively through engaging student-centered role-plays, conversation starters, problem-solving tasks, and content-based activities. Throughout, students practice key language functions such as persuading, obtaining information, responding to requests, expressing preferences, and giving commands. Numerous authentic documents, photographs, illustrations, and readings throughout the text provide points of departure for discussion, debate, and cross-cultural comparison.

Introduction to the Appreciation of Authentic Literary Pieces
This course is designed to help intermediate students make the transition from highly controlled materials used at the elementary levels of language instruction to the appreciation of authentic literary works. It contains 22 short stories, written primarily in the twentieth century. The authors of these stories represent Spain and Latin America, as well as the Hispanic presence in the United States.

Historia de Hispanoamérica
In this course we examine the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America from their early history to the present. Historical events are presented in chronological order, and as each period unfolds, detailed coverage is also given to achievements in literature and the arts. Chapters covering contemporary history take into account all the major events that have shaken the continent in its struggle for development, including the Mexican and Cuban revolutions and the Central American conflict of recent years.

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