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Spanish language Immersion in mexico - Beginners to Professionals

Our Spanish language courses in Guadalajara, Mexico are externally accredited immersive programs. From classes to cultural activities to work study programs, we offer you the best Spanish language programs in the world. With small class sizes and instructors who are native speakers, students from around the world learn Spanish and experience local culture in the captivating city of Guadalajara.  We also offer teen summer camps, classes for college groups, and a professional experience program.
Group Spanish Language Programs in Mexico

Group Program

All of our courses, from beginning to the most advanced, are made up of small groups from 1 to 10 students, which provides an ideal  learning atmosphere. Smaller groups foster more effective learning, and our intimate class environments help students achieve their individual language goals faster.  Minimum age: 16
IMAC Spanish Language Programs Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring

IMAC also offers private lessons for students who need more personal attention or balance with their work and school schedules. Private lessons can be structured to fit your needs and may range from as little as one hour to as many as you like. Our private program is very flexible and you may begin on any weekday. Minimum Age: 6
IMAC Spanish Language Programs Spanish for Specific Purposes

Spanish for Specific Purposes

With fluency as a foundation, our programs have been expanded to include courses for those interested in working on professional areas of the Spanish language such as: Spanish for Teachers, Medical Personnel, Business, and Technology. This is recommended for intermediate and advanced students and is offered for private tutoring or groups.
Work & Study Program of Imac Spanish Language Programs, Jalisco

Work and Study Program

This is the perfect program for those who not only want to learn our language and culture, but also for students who want to work right after they finish their study programs and live in our country. This program offers you guaranteed paid job placement in Mexico as an accredited and certified English teacher, including direct employment contacts worldwide.
IMAC Spanish Language Programs Bildungsurlaub Program

Bildungsurlaub Program

For all German nationals, you will be pleased to know that our institution has been incorporated into the Bildungsurlaub school patron, which means that you can now take your Spanish immersion program for professional development with our school.
IMAC Spanish Language Programs for University and College Groups

Spanish for University and College Groups

We will be glad to arrange special Spanish immersion programs for private tutoring and to meet university, college or group needs at any time. We invite individuals, institutions and groups interested in establishing a study abroad program in Mexico to contact us.
IMAC Spanish Language Programs DELE Certification

DELE in Guadalajara, Mexico

The DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the standardized accreditation for Spanish as a foreign language for students in over 100 countries around the world. This certification is granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports through the Instituto Cervantes of Spain. We offer two courses that prepare you for the DELE exam and we are a testing center.
IMAC Spanish Language Programs Corporate Certification

Corporate Culture Program (Internships)

Learn and improve your Spanish while gaining professional experience through our Corporate Culture Program. Practice the Spanish you learn in class in a new business environment in fields that include Human Resources, Gastronomy, Teaching and Training. Internships are unpaid, however the knowledge and experience you will acquire are priceless.
IMAC Spanish Language Program Study and Volunteer

Study and Volunteer

A volunteer takes initiative, gets involved and makes a lasting contribution to the world. Becoming a volunteer is a chance to enhance your own experience in life, while enhancing the lives of so many who need the support. To be involved in administering care is a rare and privileged experience This is a great way to learn Spanish while giving back to communities in Mexico. Minimum age: 18.
IMAC Spanish Language Summer Programs for Teens

Spanish Summer Program for Teens

The IMAC Spanish Language Program for Teens consists of 25 hours of Spanish classes per week. Classes are given Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM with a Cultural Conversation Class from 1 PM to 2 PM. This is the perfect summer program for learning and conversationally speaking Spanish for beginners and teens. Ages: 13 to 17 years old.
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