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If your preferred housing experience is the service of a hotel or a hostel, then IMAC Spanish Language Programs also has options available. Our school can make reservations at these properties that are located at a short walking distance. These options offer excellent facilities, and amenities. These accommodations boast a privileged location, surrounded by an unrivalled selection of restaurants, cafes, bars, theatres and shops. All hotels range from 3 to 4 star service rating.

Option 1: This hostel is located, only 7 blocks from us, in Plaza Colon, or also known as the Nine Corner Plaza for its particular convergence of 4 streets. This hostel offers shared rooms (for men and women separately) with bunk beds and lockers. Separate bathrooms for men and women with showers and hot water. For your comfort this Hostel also has a terrace, an equipped kitchen, and dining room conditioned ideally for having a conversation with other guests, watching cable television, or simply gliding the day with a cup of coffee, free WIFI or a good book. Continental breakfast included.

 Rates - Shared roomsRates - Private rooms
1 week$1,050.00 *MXN$2,300.00 *MXN
2 weeks$2,100.00 *MXN$4,600.00 *MXN
3 weeks$3,150.00 *MXN$6,600.00 *MXN
4 weeks$3,900.00 *MXN$8,200.00 *MXN

*MXN= Mexican pesos

Option 2: Inn. This establishment offers private and shared rooms with private bathroom, television, and ventilation system (air cooler). Equipped kitchen is accessible to guests. Laundry services (machine washing and drying) are included in the cost. Restaurant service is also available.

 Rates - Shared roomsRates - Private rooms
1 week$1,200.00 *MXN$3,000.00 *MXN
2 weeks$2,400.00 *MXN$5,400.00 *MXN
3 weeks$3,500.00 *MXN$7,000.00 *MXN
4 weeks$4,200.00 *MXN$8,500.00 *MXN

*MXN= Mexican pesos

Option 3: 4 star hotel. Located at just 1 block from our school, this establishment offers you excellent facilities on single, double, and junior suites. It also features a restaurant, lounge bar, room service, free WI-Fi in rooms/public areas and roof top swimming pool. The atmosphere is very calm providing its guests with a soothing ambiance and excellent nights’ sleep. The daily rate for a single or double room is only $625.00 pesos (approximately $40.00 USD).

From "very good" to "best available", modern apartments will average U.S. $550 to $1500 per month for two people. We do not arrange roommates in apartments. No meals included. More options are available please ask us about the terrific apartments that include a swimming pool perfect for our climate starting at $29.50 per night!

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