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 IMACQuality Provider 1Quality Provider 2Quality Provider 3Quality Provider 4Quality Provider 5
1Number of Years of Language Teaching Experience4215N/AN/A5224
2DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) YesNoNoNoYesNo
3International certifications and memberships YesNoYesYesNoNo
4Instituto Cervantes Associated Center YesNoNoNoNoNo
5DELE Exam Preparation CourseYesNoNoNoYesNo
6Academic TranscriptsYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costN/AYes, Cost N/A
7Bildungsurlaub Spanish ProgramYesNoNoNoNoNo
8College credits Yes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no cost
9Specialty CoursesYesYesNoYesNoYes
10Number of study hours per day664444
11Level Placement ExamsYesYesYesYesYesYes
12Certificate of CompletionYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costN/A
13Rent Your Textbook and save money!YesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
14Volunteer Program Placement YesNoNoNoNoNo
15Multimedia Lab with interactive Spanish language programsYesNoNoNoNoNo
16Salsa Lessons Yes, at no costYes, at a costNoNoNoNo
17Guitar LessonsYes, at no costNoNoNoNoNo
18Lending LibraryYesNoNoNoNoNo
19High-speed WIFI Internet AccessYes, at no costYes, at no costNoYes, at no costYes, at no costNo
20Orientational Booklet and additional academic materialYes, at no costN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
21Hotel and Hostel Discounted RatesYesNoNoYesYesN/A
22Fax machine accessYesNoNoNoNoNo
23Air-conditioned classroomsYesNoN/AYesN/AN/A
24School CafeteriaYesYesYesYesN/AN/A
25School Organized ExcursionsYes, at a costYes, at a costYes, at a costYes, at a costN/AN/A
26Housing assistance Yes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no cost
27Visa assistanceYes, at no costYes, at no costYes, at no costN/AN/AN/A
28Airport reception and transfer to accommodationYes, at a cost $30 USDYes, at a costNoYes, at a costN/AN/A
29Help desk for Social and Cultural Events taking place in the cityYesYesYesYesN/AN/A
30Conversation ClassesYes, at no costYes, at no costNoNoN/ANo
31Assistance available 24/7YesYesYesYesYesYes

1. No Prepayment Weeks Ahead.
IMAC Spanish Language Programs does not have a policy of weeks ahead payment of tuition, nor do we have any surcharges for any items, including payments by credit card.

2. No Prepayment for Special Offers.
We do not ask for payment in advance in order for you to be eligible to take advantage of our special offers.

3. Learn in Comfort
Weather, although pleasant, may get warm at times, especially for those coming from cold regions. Our center offers air conditioned classrooms.

4. No "Peak" Season Prices and NO Enrollment fee
IMAC Spanish Language Programs does not have any surcharges for peak season (summer) courses. The price is the same all year long with the exception of our specials. In those cases, the rates may even be lower.

11 reasons why to Learn Spanish at IMAC Spanish Language Programs?

Because our course is OUTSTANDING!

1. Organized

2. Unparalleled

3. Technical

4. Structured

5. Transcendent

6. Accredited

7. Native

8. Direct

9. Innovative

10. Nonstop

11. Gainful

1. Organized:
Our Spanish courses are very well integrated. We offer 16 different levels of Spanish from beginner to most advance. We place you in the most appropiate class according to the outcome of 2 evaluations; a written and oral evaluation. This evaluation process allows us to determine your exact Spanish level and identify your strengths as well as weaknesses in the language so that your professors can provide you with the specialized attention you require focusing on your critical points. The classes are integrated with no more than 8 students per class and count with a solid course structure.

2. Unparalleled:
IMAC Spanish Language Programs offers, by far, the most comprehensive and complimented Spanish immersion program in Mexico. Aside from our high quality Spanish classes, you are entitled to all of the following free amenities:


  • University Accredited Teaching Staff.
  • Most Accredited Spanish Language School in Mexico.
  • Flexibility on start dates. You may begin on any Monday of the year.
  • State of the art multimedia lab with interactive Spanish programs and internet.
  • Dependable and safe airport pick service at a low price.
  • Free unlimited wireless broadband, WiFi.
  • Free extracurricular activities: Salsa lessons two times a week. $40 USD value, karaoke club and guitar lessons. $30 USD value. Bring your own guitar. At no charge.
  • Private excursions at a low price.
  • Cultural exchange group between Mexican and foreign students.
  • Free long distance phone calls. Valued at over $20 USD per week at no charge.
  • "Welcome to Guadalajara". Special orientation meeting.
  • Personalized placement test.
  • Learning material other than books.

    • Over 25 interactive Spanish programs in our multimedia lab.
    • Certificate of attendance upon completion of the course.
    • University Credit Transfers no charge.
    • Things may occur with which you may require assistance. Efficient staff members are here to help you. Assistance available 24/7.
    • Social department to help orient you. Information on exciting nightlife and quaint small towns nearby.
    • Affordable tour packages. We encourage you to explore.
    • Maps of Guadalajara and pertinent tourist information.
    • Local cultural activities.
    • Access to fax machine.
    • Practice Mexican cooking with a host family (homestay program).
    • Free library.
    • Ceramic craft classes at no charge.

    Our Spanish immersion programs excel from others because we offer more than general Spanish formation. Our school understands that professionals, like you, require learning Spanish for a particular professional field. For this reason we have developed specialty courses geared towards building professional vocabulary platforms for technical sentence structuring for you who need to engage in specific conversations with your clients, personnel, or community. You may view a detailed description of all these programs at the following link: Spanish for Specific Purposes.

    5. Transcendent:
    For more than 40 years our institution has dedicated itself to teaching Spanish to foreign students. Our institution has withstood the test of time and continues leading the field of language instruction not only in the city of Guadalajara but in the entire state of Jalisco. Our school has distinguished itself from others thanks to its highly qualified and professional personnel. All our professors are not only native Spanish speakers but they also count with a university degree for their particular professional fields, unlike most other institutions that have under-qualified Spanish speakers with no academic or professional formation imparting their lessons.

    7. Native:
    Our institution is 100% native; this means that you will be immersed in an entirely Spanish speaking environment while in class. Not only are our classes presented entirely in Spanish but our administrative personnel will also encourage you to use the language when addressing your inquiries although English is also spoken just in case you need to go over your questions in a language you already master. Our school also counts with an ESL student body numbering 2000 plus! This means that you will have a great number of people to talk to, socialize with, and of course practice your Spanish. The unique tradition of Guadalajara will offer you an experience of Mexico without parallel. After all, Guadalajara is considered the cradle of Mexican tradition and birthplace of Tequila and Mariachi music.

    9. Innovative:
    Everybody knows for a fact that the world does not sit still. Our institution is no exception; we keep up to date with the latest Spanish learning technologies. As a testament to this technological innovative requirement stands our Spanish multimedia lab. Our lab counts with state of the art equipment and vanguard interactive Spanish learning software. All the learning resources provided for you in our lab will exponentially increase your ability to read, write, and speak Spanish! The human innovative factor is also covered by our school since our professors are constantly updated on the latest teaching techniques through regularly scheduled seminars and workshops.

    11. Gainful:
    Why learn Spanish? The reasons are simple; professional, social, or academic gain. If you are a professional looking to better communicate with your Spanish speaking clients or expand your business into a Spanish speaking market; an immersion program with our school is the best way to accomplish your set goals. If you are simply looking to better communicate with the Spanish speaking community in your town or retiring in a Spanish speaking country; this immersion experience will provide you with the language skills you require to socialize with all your neighbors. If you are a student who wishes to obtain academic credits for their Spanish courses abroad; we can provide you with as detailed course transcript and academic credits.
    It is not what you learn but how you learn it.

    4. Structured:
    Our Spanish programs are 100% in Spanish and geared towards helping you actually speak the language. We use the direct conversational approach which has been fully proven as the best method for students to learn how to comprehend and speak any language. Our immersion experience combines solid course structures with innovative teaching techniques to provide you with the best learning experience possible. Regardless of your current level or the duration of your program we guaranty positive results at the end of your course.

    6. Accredited:
    Attending an institution that has national accreditations is of importance because the accrediting organization validates the school’s legitimacy. You will find that our school is not only accredited by national academic organizations but by international ones as well. We are accredited by the Secretary of Public Education, the Instituto Cervantes of Spain, ACTFL, CASLT, AATSP, ALTO, among others. We are the first Spanish school in Jalisco certified as a DELE examination center. The DELE exam is the international Spanish level standardized exam which is valid in 120 countries around the world. Our organization is also accredited as a socially responsible organization for promoting cultural understanding through the elimination of language barriers among people from all over the world.

    8. Direct:
    IMAC Spanish Language Programs is all about learning Spanish, for this reason we use the direct communicative approach to teach our students. Our objective is to provide you with the necessary resources to connect your thoughts with the actual words that are coming out of your mouth. An armored grammatical structure provides our students with the solid foundations required for quick sentence structuring and vocabulary reference. The immersion experience is geared towards teaching you the language by living in a Spanish speaking environment; the immersion experience is hands down the best way to learn any language.

    10. Nonstop:
    Who says you can not study Spanish whenever you want? Not us! We encourage it! Unlike most other schools that have set initiation dates for their programs as well as predetermined course durations, our school does not. We have a new course beginning every week. This means that you may choose to begin our group lessons virtually every Monday of the year for any of the 16 different levels of Spanish that we offer and the private program any day of the week Monday through Friday. Not only can you begin whenever you want, but you can also study for as long as you want. 1 week, 1 month, 4 months, at IMAC Spanish Language Programs you decide.

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