Nowadays there are many ways of learning foreign languages. Technological development makes self-study much easier than before and there are plenty of language schools and teachers available both on- and off-line. However, not all the ways of learning Spanish are equally good. Let me tell you why attending an accredited Spanish language school is the best option.

Self-study is not the best solution

Self-study may seem like a good option at first: you can be flexible, study at your own pace and study the topics you want. However, there are serious disadvantages as well. The biggest disadvantage for any person is the risk of wasting a lot of time. If you are new to learning Spanish, you may not know what to begin with, which materials to choose. If you do not practice self-study regularly, you may waste a lot of time on developing discipline and searching for the most efficient learning techniques. Also, even with all the resources available, speaking practice is still a challenge.

Advantages of studying with a tutor

Learning Spanish with a tutor is a better choice for a person who values their time. A good tutor will provide you with the best materials and learning techniques that have been tested and tried out and proven successful. They will provide discipline and structure, as well as detailed explanation of the trickiest points in grammar and vocabulary. Good tutors will not only provide you with speaking practice, but teach you to speak effortlessly and make the best use of your language skills.

Risks of choosing a bad language teacher

One of the risks of choosing even an average tutor, not necessarily a bad one, are the so called teacher-induced errors. Those are situations when a teacher does not correct a learner’s mistake or they make a mistake themselves which learners may then memorize believing it to be the correct variant. There is a similar risk with low quality learning materials. In the future, it may lead to more time wasted on correcting such mistakes. Having said that, it is absolutely essential to choose a great tutor who will provide you with the highest quality materials and the best learning experience.

The problem of choice

The contemporary foreign language teaching market is really saturated. It is very easy to become a language tutor, especially online, and as a result, the problem of choice creates a serious issue. How can you make sure that the teacher – or even the language school – that you ultimately choose is one of the best? How can you avoid wasting your time and money on subpar education quality?

Why attending an accredited language school is the best way to learn Spanish

The only way to make sure you get the best possible education quality is studying at an accredited language school. Accreditation is a process during which a school is evaluated by a board of experts, who among other things assess the quality of education, teachers and services available to students. If a language school has been accredited it means that it is a reputable school which complies with the highest standards of language teaching. Learning Spanish at an accredited language school will provide you with the best learning experience possible, as well as the best value for money.

Learning Spanish at an accredited Spanish language school will help you immerse yourself in a saturated learning environment. It will prove one of the best investments of your time.


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