Language travel is probably the best way for learners of a new language to immerse themselves into a country they might otherwise not visit. The best thing about language travel programs is they are a best fit for all, regardless of age or level.

If you are thinking of studying overseas, a language travel program is by far and away the best option to learn quickly, accurately and fluently. Language travel actually leads the mind to wander about things like culture, music, local habits and art. And it is this kind of curiosity which feeds the mind and impels the brain to learn a new language much faster and more accurate than a student sat in a school, somewhere in London or Paris, taking up Spanish lessons or a night class in a college after work.

When you travel to a foreign country and do so with the express intent to learn the new language, you will have little chance to slip back into your native tongue. You are literally being forced to communicate and immerse your brain into talking and communicating in this wonderful new tongue.

One is literally forced into learning as you simply won’t get by unless communication (however bad at first) is conducted in the language of the native population. It is this language you are trying to learn and if you really need to go and grab a coffee – but don’t know where the nearest coffee shop is – or you are desperate to visit the public convenience, then your brain must try very hard to learn the words a local would understand.

You will also find that the local population have deep respect for a foreigner who tries to learn their language. They might often help you with certain words and these words will stick like mud in your head, ready for the next time you desperately want to find a place or something to eat.

When you learn a new language in your native country the classroom is the small room within your school or college, then as soon as the bell rings to denote time out, the language reverts back to your own mother tongue. This is simply not the case when you travel to Mexico to learn Spanish, Brazil to learn Portuguese or Italy to learn Italian.

Language travel means the world is the classroom; every time you switch on the television or radio, you are learning, and your new language skills are developing 24/7.

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