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How long does it take to learn a new language?


If someone were to ask you: how long do you think it would take to learn a new language, you’d probably say, you’ve no idea. Moreover, you would not be alone. The first step in learning a new language is decide you are going to have a genuine go at it. Knowing how long it might take is dependent on many factors.

· The attentiveness of the learner – how closely are you concentrating on every word and how strongly are you remembering to withhold every key piece of information. A good teacher will definitely help, as they can brow beat a learner into remembering the key phrases and the conjugated verb structure of the language. These are the most important and dynamic starting points in learning any new language.
· Time Available. How much time are you willing to put in to learn a new language? Fully dedicated pupils that throw in 10 hours of learning, every single day, and devote their full attention to the subject, can expect to basic fluency in around 50 days. Yes, that is less than two months. But you will have to work hard at it, every day for 10 hours.
· The language you are learning matters. English speaking pupils may choose which language they are learning, but to try and decipher a language like Chinese, Korean, Arabic or Japanese should not be attempted unless you have learned another, easier, language.

Linguists widely consider that the easiest languages to learn for English-speaking monolinguists are Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian and Swahili. These languages should be attempted before taking on the more daunting prospect of unfurling the complexities of Russian, Thai or Serbo-Croatian.


Focus and commitment are key elements to learning a new language. The more committed you are, the faster the language will absorb in the mind. The commonly used proverb: practice makes perfect, really does apply here.


However, 10 hours a day can be a bit extreme for some. But even learning a phase one language like Spanish, French or Portuguese for just five hours a day, should see a language learner pick up to speed in about four months. That leaves plenty of time to book a summer holiday in the country where they speak the language you are attempting to learn and fulfill that New Year resolution to start learning the language you want.



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