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What Are the Most Important Elements in Spanish Language Learning ?

What Are the Most Important Elements in Spanish Language Learning ?
In order to familiarize oneself with a new language, you need to start with the basics. In Spanish - one of the most popular languages used worldwide - you need to know the meanings of words used on a daily basis. It is estimated by linguistic experts that we need to expose ourselves to a foreign word at least 15 times before it sinks into our memory and sticks.
Take the Spanish word Amigo (meaning "friend"), it is widely known to many of us, even though we are not currently enrolled in a Spanish Language school or dwell in a Spanish-speaking country. But exposure to the word in the media, film and general slang lingo has exposed us to this word and it is - albeit a very small part - a bit of Spanish we all know.
When you take up lessons in a language school in a Spanish speaking country - such as Mexico, Argentina or Costa Rica - you get a double whammy of learning tool features. One being the close attentive instruction from the tutor and the other being the endless exposure to the Spanish language itself.
The minute you walk out of the classroom you will be faced with shop signs, bus or train notifications and people talking to you in the Spanish tongue. You cannot help but immerse yourself in the language and exposure to words like Bueno (good), gracias (thanks), por favor (please) and Hola (hello) will come along at least 15 times on a daily basis, let alone in a lifetime!
You see, learning any foreign language, especially Spanish, involves reading the text and hearing the spoken word. After all, you would not know from the text alone that Hola is spoken with a silent "h" and there are many other similar variants and ways to make the language comprehensible to a Spanish speaker.
Such learning tools and hearing from the very native speaking population of a Spanish-linguistic community is the only real way of becoming truly bilingual. Spanish lessons take into account the best methods and most important elements in Spanish language learning. Did you know it is important a new learner should get to grips with vocabulary learning before rushing into sentence formation?
Progress is enhanced by learning at the right pace and in the correct step by step manner. One needs to learn to walk before you can even think about running: a metaphoric phrase that sums up Spanish language learning in a nutshell.
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