When attempting to learn a second language, extroverts and introverts are likely to take on different approaches where learning methods are concerned. That said: there are more than just a few misconceptions surrounding character with the ability to learn a second language.

It is wrong to assume introverts have a cognitive ability to study in a more dynamic fashion than an extrovert. After all, extroverts are better at human communication, social interaction and talking to strangers.

Extroverts can engage more seamlessly with native speakers of the target language they are trying to master. This interaction is hugely beneficial when learning a new language.

But to suggest that extroverts are better at learning a second language than introverts is a big misconception. Introverts tend to listen more intently. They will take on the exact words into their mind and “hear” the actual grammar, rather than try and second guess and jump in like extroverts do.

Extroverts Mix and Socialize

Extroverts have an ability to engage with others. This greatly enhances their own speaking skills. This type of person will thrive in the classroom environment, as there is much interaction from fellow students because of the constant need to communicate that drives an extroverted character.

Introverts Have Listening Skills

All too often, when we learn a second language, words will fly by at such a rate, we overlook them. Introverts will have a larger passive vocabulary, simply because of an innate ability to listen and learn.


Introverts and extroverts both have the ability to speak and write in a second language. There is no better approach from one character trait over another. The style of learning is certainly different and the approach incomparable.

The variety of ways that exist to learn a second language are vast. Some language learners will prefer to watch television dramas with subtitles, others like to go on a study holiday to the country where the target language is spoken and others simply like to throw themselves into the deep end and muddle through until it sinks in; a system known as “immersion”.

Despite the character of the language learner, extroverts and introverts can and will master the new language.

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